Homeless Issue In The United States

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Issue in the United States

There is a various amount of people in the United States that are homeless and there is nothing the people can do about it. Statistics show that there are more two-parent families in the West and Southwest than in New York and other large Eastern cities (Homelessness).This happens because they move together to try and make a living and end up not finding a job and get stuck there not being able to afford anything, therefore they become homeless. In the United States, one of the main reasons people become homeless is because there is less job opportunities due to their mental state or personal status.

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There are some places that will provided for the homeless only if they are in desire need. Only those programs that reduce poverty or increase the supply of affordable housing will be effective in decreasing the total number of homeless families in the United States (McChesney). This shows that the United States does have some kind of shelter for the homeless but not for all. These shelters are there for them if they are hurt or being abused only. The shelters will also let you in if you have any kind of health issues or disabilities. The United States is trying to do as much as they can to make the homeless lives better so they feel like there is hope in their future. They try to make getting jobs easier so we will have less homeless people in the world, but there are still rules and regulations that they have to pass. The unsheltered still have to try and put forth the effort so they can have a job to maybe make enough money to support their family and or life.

Governmental Solutions to the Problem

The government has passed many laws to help the homeless but they have not necessarily done there best job at keeping up with it and providing for them. It was said that Fire, Flood, or natural disaster could render people homeless by destroying their dwelling (Helping). The government has not done anything to try and fix this problem. There are laws for the special needs and the ones that are in desire need of care but when it comes to natural disaster, they do not realize that not all people could afford insurance and are barely making it by to even pay the bills on their houses. Many homeless people will start with a home but have to end up living on the streets because either the family will reject them or they are in so much debt, they cannot afford a home. The homeless need shelters but it is not always easy to get in.

The government makes it hard for them to find places to live because they want them to show a stable working job and or know that they are only homeless because they are special and no one wanted them.

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