Holocaust Museum

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As expected, going to the Holocaust Museum was a very emotional experience. I learned about the Holocaust throughout my middle and high school years and it makes me angry and disgusted, but once I saw all the artifacts and pictures of what the Jewish people and their families had to go through I have this indescribable sense of empathy, putting myself in their shoes which gives me a different feeling then of just learning about it from a book or a Powerpoint presentation. Seeing artifacts from the war and concentration camps gave me chills.

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Going through this Museum makes you think how could one person full of hate could not only get a whole county’s support, but their willingness to execute his insanely dark and murderous plan. When I was walking through the museum I decided to talk about the crematorial which they used to dispose of the bodies after they were executed. This gives great insight of this time period by showing us how the Nazis thought that they really were the superior race and that using scientific racism was a justification to their inhumane thoughts and actions. We learn that the people of Germany were so desperate for a leader to bring them out of depression and make them a European or global power again, that they embodied his terrible plans and were willing to execute the Final Solution for him.

When I went to the Museum there were so many moving artifacts to choose from. I was debating on quite a few of them to write about. I ended up choosing the crematorial because I felt like it showed us more of the destruction and intent of the Final Solution than the other artifacts. It was actually in the very last room of the tour so I thought I had already found what I was going to write about, but this really intrigued me because I had never seen one of the things the Nazis used to dispose of the bodies. Throughout school they show pictures of the gas chambers, the work sites, and the awful living spaces for the Jewish people at the camps, but I had never once seen a cermatorial, not even a picture of one. It had its own room and not very many people stopped and looked at it so I decided I would check it out. After reading the short write up on it I knew I wanted to use it for this paper. I think it is something different than a lot of people would choose to do because no one really cares and talks about what happened to the Jewish people after they were killed. I will say it isn’t as important to learn about it compared to most things when you are taught about World War II and the Holocaust,

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