The Condemnation of Blackness In the study about the Condemnation of Blackness: Race, Crime and the Making of a Modern Urban America, is an exciting book and research that deals with the groundbreaking of history in the United States of America pegged on the... [ view article ]

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Iranian political state and art Introduction The following essay is a summary about Iranian political state and how use of art to present their political culture is related. The essay will focus mainly on revolutionary and post-revolutionary artworks. The paper will consist of comparisons and... [ view article ]


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King Louis XIV King Louis XIV was also known as the sun king. He was a positive force for the country of France. He is regarded as the most incredible king who took France to another level through revolution. He respected the people... [ view article ]


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What Was the Most Important Effect Manifest Destiny had on the United States? Manifest Destiny is the considerations of Americans aims to develop day by day. However, Americans felt there should have been a movement from east to west over the continent thus leading to no decision of the European pilgrims as it... [ view article ]

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How Did Alexander the Great’s Conquest Impact the Greek People? Introduction Alexander, The Great was son of king called Philip II of Macedonia. He was born around 356 BC on 20th July. He was an extraordinary person who enjoyed to recite Homeric poetry. He was born at the place called... [ view article ]

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The Founding Fathers Democratic Reformers Based on the views of the two it is clear that they provide it based on whether or not the founding father were democratic reformers at all. Between this two arguments, the young case gives out a more convincing evidence... [ view article ]


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Conscription in Canada during World War 1 PART 1: BRITISH COLUMBIAN WOMAN’S LETTER TO ROBERT BORDEN “Am British Columbian lady and am writing this letter to express my concerns about the ongoing conscription of young men for overseas military services. I live in Toronto and am deeply... [ view article ]


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Interventions During 1700s The interventions that were experienced in the 1700s like cotton gin indeed increased the eagerness for the slaves. All the enthusiasm, therefore, rose from a one-man named Eli Whitney who came up with the story of gin. He happened to... [ view article ]


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Remembering Houston’s National Women’s Conference Forty Years Later Today in Texas and the entire American population are reflecting on the National Women Conference that took place some forty years ago in Huston. The meeting took four days, and it was attended by over 2000 women who had been... [ view article ]

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Human Life – Self Evolution 1. Cite and explain 4 important events that led to homosapiens/ sapiens from common ancestors. Important events that led to homo sapiens from common ancestors are PHYSICAL CHANGES which are considered as CRUCIAL CHANGES for the human evolution. First, over... [ view article ]


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