History of Salvador Dali

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Salvador Dali is known as one of the most well known artist of all time. Through thick or thin he never let anyone stand in the way of himself and his art. His artwork expressed his imagination, creativity, and life like events that took place that affected his emotions.

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These attributes of his paintings is what made him the worlds best known surrealist artist. Salvador Dali also had a strong political opinion which affected his paintings during certain time periods. So Dali did not just paint things off spur of the moment, he took experiences and opinions and added a very different but fascinating twist to them. Some of Dali’s friends would even say that he had a very flamboyant personality, but also had a very mischievous behavior.


Salvador Dali was born on May 11th, 1904. He was born in a small town in Figueres, Spain. When he was old enough his father enrolled him in a state primary school, but his father soon figured out that Salvador was not fit for public school. His father then enrolled him in a Hispano-French School of Immaculate, where he learned the language of French which was soon to become his cultural background. Salvador then began to go to the outskirts of his town and do group exhibitions and take different lessons with different art teachers. He soon began to figure out the style best fit for his imagination and culture. In the year of 1920 Salvador’s father told him that he needed to go to Madrid to study Fine Arts. Salvador agreed to go.

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