History of Racial Segregation and Oppression and the African

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Racial segregation and oppression refer to how a group of individuals is dominated by another group based on the color of their skin and origin. In America, exclusion and oppression was rampant throughout history with African American being sold into slavery, denied fundamental human rights and stopped from participating in civic duties across different states while the white man had access to all what was denied to the African American. Racial segregation and oppression is wrong and should be fought in any area of America since it is common knowledge that all humans are equal regardless of their skin color or country of origin.

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All persons involved in the oppression of people of a different race ought to be incarcerated to pay for their crimes. Individuals going through racial segregation have stood up in the past and continue to make their voice heard through civic action or media coverage and in so doing give courage to others who may be going through the same. This paper will discuss into great depth the depictions of African Americans’ reaction to racial segregation and oppression both in the past and currently.

The first media source I will analyze is;

Smith, J. (2018). Times. Retrieved from The Revolutionary Power of Black Panther: http://time.com/black-panther/

Black Panther is a recent motion picture that brought to the attention of many Americans and people across the globe that people of color can also have their heroes and successfully fight their own battles. As discussed by Smith, ‘Black Panther’ brought a lot of uproar about the courageous nature of the African American. Despite being only in fiction, the theme of courage and determination can be extrapolated to real life as the history of the title ‘Black Panther’ from as early as 1966 depicts (Smith, 2018). The African American in that day and age were fed up of all the oppression they were facing from the Americans and therefore took it upon themselves to search for liberation and freedom where they could assimilate and integrate freely with the rest of the people in America. They organized marches to beat the fear that the African American had learned to live in looking for a brighter future for their people. Despite losing some people along the way, the ‘March against Fear’ continued since they had to persevere to get ‘Black Power’ (Smith, 2018). The heroes in the movie ‘Black Panther demonstrated all the qualities of leadership when it came to protecting their nation,

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