History of Oman

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Oman is an Arab country located in the Middle East, beside the United Arab Emirates as well as Yemen. Since that is the case, I attempted to focus on Tran- Saharan slavery although after asking my father and sibling questions which consisted of: what can you tell me about Oman and slavery? Would it be considered part of Trans-Saharan slavery? Why do we have many mixed bloods in Oman especially Zanzibari blood? And why is there a cast system with last names? And the response I got from each of them showed two different perspectives.

They both agreed that this was not a part of Trans-Saharan slave trade since that focused on North Africa mostly and what they know about Oman’s history is about its relationship with Zanzibar which is a region of Tanzania located in East Africa. Asking my father at first, showed how much of a true patriot he is. He told me that Oman was not really involved in slavery, but it was a matter of trade between two brothers, since Zanzibar was colonized by Omani’s, one of our past Sultans chose to run Oman whereas his brother would run Zanzibar and it was purely a matter of trade of goods and services which led many Zanzibaris to come to Oman where they were given jobs and were getting paid for it. This then led me to ask why there was a cast system with last names? Since I’ve heard several stories of girls and boys not eligible to get married to a certain person due to their last names as some are considered “servant” last names. He responded with telling me that during the 1970’s when the current Sultan Qaboos Al Said took charge of Oman , he made an announcement for all Omanis around the world to come back to the country and claim their Omani nationality, which allowed non-Omanis to come into the country and claiming to be Omani, hence making their own last names close to actual Omani last names such as my last name “Al Habsi” is changed to “Al Habdi” which can apparently be easily traced to not really being Omani, which is discrimination and is illegal in Oman but still unfortunately takes place.

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On the other hand, I asked my sister Awatif who is a soon to be graduate from Georgetown University, whom conducted research and interviews of the relationship of Oman and Zanzibar both physically in Oman as well as Zanzibar. Which was inconclusive due to insufficient evidence from both ends as they both kept contradicting one another. She let me know that after conducting her interview and doing her research in Oman she noticed that many Omani’s claimed that it was never a slave trade that took place and there were third parties such as Britain who were intervened in Zanzibar as well who could have been enslaving the people of Zanzibar at that period.

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