History of Baseball in Colorado

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The state of Colorado would not be what it is today without the immense amount of history the land has encountered. One of the most interesting topics in history is baseball and Colorado has quite a history in this topic. Baseball varies from a fun outdoor activity to some and a career to others, but how did baseball become such a popular sport in Colorado? According to the article, The Secret History of Baseball’s Earliest Day, written by John Thorn, baseball has been played with different variations since the 18th century in different places all over the country.

Baseball has always been more of a boy’s game and one of the main factors that helped the sport earn its popularity was gambling. Gambling was popular in several states, including Colorado. John Thorn states, I don’t think you could have had the rise of baseball without gambling (Thorn 1). This interesting fact shows that even though people took an interest in the game there were still ways of marketing the game and engaging the spectators. This was a way to keep the game intriguing and encourage more people to watch. It is important to know that baseball did not evolve primarily in Colorado but when it moved to Colorado it still went through the same evolution as it did in the beginning.

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In Colorado, baseball is a very popular activity that is enjoyed by a large community, and has been since shortly after WWII, which is when it blossomed as stated by D. Rodger in the article Denver Baseball. Before Colorado established more well-known teams, businesses and social organizations would put together amateur teams and host baseball games primarily for fun and the occasional gambling,

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