History of Asian, Americans in the US

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There has been a larger number of Asian settlements in the United States especially the Japanese and Chines who have constantly been characterized by major cultural practices including the nature of their practices. The article examines the role of enjoyment in the construction of ethnic identity in which the author correlates various literary works which primarily argues and revolves around Asian Americans. The relationship between individuals’maternal life and identity creation based on food as a central cultural aspect is also well expounded in the article.

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Community identity cannot be recognizable and appreciable in the global context if its members engage in healthy and secure purposes of eating rather than enhancing cultural unity via celebrations. Chinese food culture which is among the minorities in the United States of America can be modified to reflect the American culture via ignoring maternal influence on the food way. Recognition and enhancement of the cultural transformation should be structured based on eating, recipe, food preparation and incorporate traditional aspects. Incorporation of Americans’culture in the Chinese food is an essential aspect which can play a significant role in preventing cultural genocide and extinction of the Chinese culture. The article argues this point based on Japanese and Canadians recognition and their ability to appreciate the Americans’ culture which contributed to confusion, violation and self-anguish since they couldn’t ignore their linguistic and non”linguistic fantasies. The article further argues that muscularity, food and appetite are among the primary aspects which relate or which can moderate the assimilation of American culture in Chinese food identity. This aspect is founded on the author’s argument that, Chinese and American men have similar characteristics such as eating habits. Maternal and paternal association with food is a baseless perspective since enjoyment which is centered linguistic aspects is transformative, and the same aspect applies to non-linguistic issues such as eating identity.

Key terms and concepts

Enjoyment – is cultural which is centered on easily compatible societal and traditional aspects such as language and deeply founded on maternal and paternally socialization basis.

Semiotic – refers to the study of symbols and signs used in communication by people from different cultural backgrounds.

Quotes and analysis

Chin’s effort to rescue Asian American manhood, as King- Kok Cheung points out, is based on a hegemonic conception of masculinity that is largely white (38).

Chinese food identity is deeply rooted in eating habits, cooking and the primary recipe used in the entire process is related to some American’s cultural aspects which enhances their relationship.

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