History Has Presented The World

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History has presented the world with a multitude of controversies. It is up to the world then, to decide how these conflicts are resolved. America itself has worked through crises such as illegal immigration, abortion, separation of church and state, and many more. Recent suggestions have added yet another contentious subject to the long list of controversies of the twenty-first century. The new hot topic of America is gun control, and whether or not it should be enforced. This, like many others, is a two-sided argument in which many American citizens are truly passionate. This, like many others, is a topic that by no means should be taken lightly. The notion of (extreme/total) gun control must be put to an end.

Many United States citizens are ignorant of the meaning of gun control. Prior to the debate, gun control was the regulation of the use of firearms by civilians. These laws affected the means of buying, selling, manufacturing, or ownership of guns. Current gun control advocates background checks and other means of regulation. The idea of gun control was first thought up in 1934 by President Roosevelt.

A bill was passed simply to curtail minimal street crimes. Since then, ideas are beginning to spiral out of control. Extreme gun-control advocates are beginning to put forth a theory that guns should be removed altogether from the citizens of America. While basic gun control can be deemed acceptable, this view certainly cannot. America’s ongoing laws of gun control are acceptable as they stand.

How can countries like America retain freedom when those freedoms are being stripped away? Initially, extreme gun control will not take all the rights of citizens away. Eventually, however, if left unchecked, the passing of gun control would result in more and more rights of American people to be taken away. The snowball of gun control and its laws could potentially become an avalanche headed straight at liberty.

Each year, hundreds of thousands of refugees escape their tyrannical governments in order to reach America, the so-called city on a hill. Without freedom, America will become just like the countries it is trying not to be like. If more and more rights such as gun ownership get taken away, then these refugees would simply be going from one absolutist government to the next. As stated in the second amendment of the constitution, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” It is stated very clearly, in the foundational laws of America, that citizens have the right to bear arms.

Freedom and democracy are what built this country and shaped the founding fathers. Freedom and democracy are what allowed America to become the reigning power of the world. Will America then, brush off a primary foundation of the country itself? Will the very right of citizens to possess arms be stripped away? No, if the notion of extreme gun control is removed, then the country and people of America will continue to have freedom and prosperity.

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