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Over the past centuries in the World, quite a lot has happened. Whatever has happened in the past is often referred to as history. For our study purposes, we are going to consider a historical event which happened in the past.

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Definitely these historical events affect the way people in the World behave and interact with each other. By this, I mean that the event has a psychological impact on the lives of the people who were affected by the said event. For some people fear is created, trauma, while to others the events create room for more coexistence between the involved parties.

In some cases, these historical events have an underlying effect on the relations between various countries and their neighbors. About this, some historical events lead to greater interactions and relations between the involved countries, while to others increased enemity is created. This can’t be blamed on the government of the day but on a historical event which led to strained relationships between the two. However, there is still room for countries which became enemies and foes due to a historical event to reconcile.

On the other hand, we have to consider the impact of the historical event to the World. Would the World still be same as it is currently without the historical event? To better understand this, we are going to have a look at the impact of the historical event regarding economic impact, social relations, international relations, foreign relations, etc. Some historical events have greater impact compared to others.

Based o the above introduction, I guess the reader is motivated to read the historical event I’m about to introduce. In the mind of the reader, vivid pictures concerning the historical event have already begun being visualized. Just a preview of my historical event, it will cover a war which happened in the World in the 20th century. This event will be discussed and researched by scholars for years to come in the World. From my research, no historical event will even surpass this war. Other than the myths on creation and evolution which might compete for top position in this war, the rest are just lesser historical events. What I’m talking about is the Second World War (Stuart 2012).

Overview of the Second World War

The Second World War is a war which happened in the World in the 20th century. It took place between the years 1939 to 1945. This marked six years characterized by bloodshed and property destruction. The war involved most countries of the World which were superpowers at that particular time. The war mainly involved over three countries which were assumed to be the most economically developed countries in the World. When it came to war technology,

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