Hispanic Latinos Health Diabetes

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Hispanics/Latinos Health: Diabetes Type 2 diabetes is a worldwide health issue that many people struggle with and Hispanics/ Latinos is one of the largest groups affected. One study has been conducted on Hispanics/Latinos group in United States and findings focused on three main categories. These categories are following: diabetes self-care behaviors and challenges, challenges with limited resources, and challenge with support mechanisms.

Within these categories, there are subcategories that go in detail how Hispanics/Latinos are managing Diabetes Type 2 on daily basis. Based on the results findings, there have been few recommendations for nurses and health care team to consider when delivering care to this specific group. Intro Statistics According to Center of Disease Control, 30.3 million people have diabetes in United States and Type 2 Diabetes accounts for 90% to 95% in adults 45 to 64 of age.

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The 23.1 million people are diagnosed and 7.2 million are undiagnosed with diabetes. Among these diabetics, 16% adults are smokes, 90% are overweight and 40% are not physically active. In addition, new cases in Hispanics/Latinos had higher occurrence with Type 2 diabetes. (CDC 2017). The studies have been done to find out the explanations for such high prevalence in Hispanics/Latino group. One of the research studies has been done with qualitative method approach on ten Hispanic adults ages 25 to 80 with Type 2 Diabetes in rural West Texas county in United States. (nursing journal article 1). Data was collected one time via one-hour interview where the participants were asked open-ended questions.

To qualify for this study the participants were supposed meet following criterias; time diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, HbA1C level higher than 7, and annual income between 15,000 to 45,000. (nursing journal article 1). The researchers asked questions about participants daily routine, finances, family support, jobs, and social life. Analyzing the data, the researchers used conventional approach to content analysis. Findings This research study observed struggles and challenges of Hispanic/Latino group managing type 2 diabetes .

Three following challenges categories were observed during the study; diabetes of self-care behavior, limited resources, and support system. With following categories, the main theme of the study was to understand how the participant of type 2 diabetes make it all work. Category 1 Findings Self-Care Behavior Category one findings subcategorized how participants managed diabetes with monitoring blood glucose, diet, cultural influences, exercise and intake of medication. (articles 1) When participants were asked to about the diet and cultural influences, all participants were aware that they need to alter their diet for diabetes.

In fact, participants were accommodated with diet when visiting family and relatives. This finding shows that Hispanic/Latino understand the type 2 diabetes diet alterations that needs to be made on daily basis. On the other hand, taking medication was one of the challenges that participants faced.

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