Hip-Hop Culture

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Hip-hop is born in post-industrial New York and came out of the neglected minority youth of the city. It is a major part of black American culture. It is a form of communication in that through music it expressed the black community.

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It expressed the struggles and accomplishments that they went through. It expressed resistance against society, but not about social order. It is used to stand up for injustice and humanity. In 1988, N.W.A released Fuck tha Police, a protest song, to show their attitude toward police brutality. The lyrics of the song protested police brutality and racial profiling and it criticized the local police force. Although hip-hop artists used music as a form of communication, they also presented women as props and objects through different media. Although there are hip-hop artists of both genders, the hip-hop industry is male-dominated. Therefore, the marketing strategies for each gender vary when it comes to music production and the content of the lyrics. In hip-hop, males are considered to be aggressive, dominant, and flattened whereas females are submissive, hypersexual, and silenced. Male tend to play on their masculinity. Their marketing strategies are based on their ability to get women. The lyrics are centered around instructing women to perform sexual behaviors and this leads to the objectification of women. The media is using the female bodies to promote the rap culture. White America sexualize, devalue, and objectify the bodies of black women. It is very common for black women to be oversexualized and to be used as props in music videos. They are used as inanimate objects for visual experience whether it is through their clothing or their action. The objectification of women is shown in a music video Tip Drill or E.I. (reinvention) released by Nelly in 2000.

When a woman is referred to as Tip Drill it means that she has a breathtaking body but an average-looking face. The lyrics of the song included, You lookin’ good in them shorts, but they look better on the flo’, Toot that ass up mama, put that dip in ya back, It must be ya ass cause it ain’t yo’ face, and I need a freak that will not choke. The lyrics of the song themselves objectify and degrade women. However, the music video takes the trope of misogyny to a whole different level. In the music video, women, mainly African American are surrounded by male artists. Women are seen barely clothed whereas men are fully clothed. Money is thrown over the females’ bodies. The camera is focused on the female’s genitalia. Nelly swipes a credit card between a female’s behind while looking mischievously into the camera. Women are performing sexual behaviors and sexual activities. This suggests that money drive females sexual performance and that they are strippers or prostitutes.

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