Hindu Temple of Southwest Florida

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For this field experience I decided to vist a Hindu temple called the Hindu Temple of Southwest Florida. I visited the temple on Tuesday October 23, 2018 from 9 in the morning to 12 in the afternoon. While visiting I was greeted by the priest Panditji Jinit Rajendrakumar Bhatt and was asked if I was visiting for a school assignment because it is the temple that most people visit for this assignment.

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When entering the temple I was told to remove my shoes so I did. The first thing I noticed when visitng the temple was that before entering the main temple there was 9 stone figures that later on the priest explained to me where moons. He stated that those 9 figures signified 9 moons that somewhat represented zodiac signs that people went and prayed to when going through rough times. The floor tile is black and white and is set up sort of like a checker borad. In the temple they have a table setup with fruits. There is also a variety of colors in the building and the priest was also wearing colors that are not quite common to use like maroon, yellow and white.

After taking pictures we walked outside to a porch and the priest handed me a calendar that included what certain months meant to them and the celebrations that took place within those months. The name of the days like Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday are not the same as the days on our calendar. They name their days by the different types of moons. One practice that I noticed that was talked about in the text book is the offering of things like food,

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