Hindu and Buddhism

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Systems of faith and worship form the major characteristic of religion. However, the religion that this paper tries to explain is one which believes in a supreme being and a power beyond the natural, often referred to as a god in all the religions (Cipriani, 2017). The worshiper is always free to choose the one to worship and in so doing, they perform all religious acts believed to appease their particular god.

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Religious practices are often backed by religious books that contain scripture and sacred writing often believed to be inspired by the supernatural force behind the said religion. The principles and set of rules inscribed in the scripture of the holy books will often direct the doctrine of the believers of that particular religion (Cipriani, 2017). The main focus in this text is the comparison and contrasting of beliefs about Karma/rebirth and Samsara/Nirvana among the Hindu and Buddhists.

Hinduism is the practice of the Hindu religion which is most prevalent in South Asia and practiced as a cultural tradition too (Barua, 2017). However, with the world becoming a global village, it is now easy to find the practice in most places of the world. Hinduism is among the world’s oldest religion with its origin estimated to date 4,000-12,000 years in age (Barua, 2017). Swami Vivekananda is believed to be the father of Hinduism as he is the one who handed down the teachings the Hindu use today. When it comes to the major value systems, the main highlight in the Hindu religion is the belief in reincarnation, the truth is eternal and individual souls are immortal. These are just but a few fundamental truths in Hindu that shape the religion to be as it is currently (Barua, 2017).

Conversely, Buddhism is believed to have taken root in the world around 2,500 years ago (Barua, 2017). Buddhists place their hope or trust traditionally on no god at all as they do not have a particular supernatural being to call god. However, their teachings and way of life are tailored in such a way that they follow the teachings of Buddha who is a pioneer in the religion. Nirvana is the ultimate state every Buddhist endeavors to attain in life. Unlike most religions, the Buddhist believe that there is nothing permanent and that all things change at some point (Barua, 2017). Anyone can be a Buddha and the religion is widespread across different parts of the world.


Karma is a term used commonly by Hindus and Buddhists alike to refer to actions that one does. Karma in both religions is believed to drive the cycle of rebirth or reincarnation. Both Hindu and Buddhism believe that when one dies, they come back to life in a different form, either human or not human.

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