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Child Poverty and the United States Child Poverty and The United States Melissa Sandusky University of Phoenix Child poverty can be found in every corner of the world. In any country there are children living within the devastating effects of poverty. Child poverty has become a... [ view article ]

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The Importance of Education The importance of education can be understood not by only looking at the positive impacts of a well-rounded education, but also by knowing the negative consequences of an abbreviated education. In point of fact, high-school dropouts have higher rates of... [ view article ]

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Change in Gene Use of Seasons to Symbolize Change in Gene and Finny Change is a part of life, as we all grow and become different. Sometimes change can be difficult, and other times we embrace to change or reject it. Changes such... [ view article ]

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My Formula for Achieving Success in College My Formula for Achieving Success in College Achieving success in college is something every college student is worried about. Success is a choice and in order for someone to get what they want they need to know what they want.... [ view article ]

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