High Profile Rape Case

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High-profile rape cases in the Philippines Researched and compiled by GMA News Research using the following Sources: Inq7. net, Philippine Headline News Online. Supreme Court decisions | | |Year |Victim(s) |Suspect(s) |Notes | |Chiong rape case | |July 16, 1997 |Marijoy Chiong, college beauty |The Supreme Court sentenced to death on February 3, 2004 the|Jacqueline and Marijoy were waiting for a ride home when they| | |queen, raped and killed |following suspects: |were forced into a car at about 10 p. . on July 16, 1997 at | | |Jacqueline Chiong, raped  |Francisco Juan “Paco” Larranaga, a scion of the influential |the Ayala Center Cebu. | |(disappeared) |and powerful Osmena clan | | | | |Jozman Aznar, whose family owns a hospital and a school  |The sisters were brought to a house in Barangay Guadalupe, | | | |Rowen Adlawan |Cebu City, where they were raped. Then they were brought to | | | |Ariel Balansag  |Sitio Tan-awan in Carcar town, about 40 km south of here, | | | |Alberto Cano |where they were again molested. | | |James Anthony Uy, one of the seven suspects, was spared from| | | | |the death penalty because he was only 16 at the time the |Marijoy’s badly bruised body was found in a ravine in Sitio | | | |crime was committed |Tan-awan a day after the abduction. Jacqueline’s body remains| | | |James Andrew Uy, older brother of James Anthony, was |missing to this day. | | | |originally sentenced to death, but was downgraded to life | | | | |imprisonment after the court found out that he was only 17 | | | | |years old when the crime was committed. | | | |Jalosjos case | |1996 |11-year old girl, raped |Zamboanga del Norte Congressman Romeo Jalosjos was found |Statutory rape case.

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