Mobile Internet

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1. Introduction of the company

1. Executive Summary

Hi is one of the leading telecom providers in the Netherlands and they tend to be even bigger, in terms of mobile services.

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They are aiming to be the market leader in Mobile Internet provider in the Netherlands for the ‘young’ and ‘trendy’ people. As you can see, Hi (and KPN) are innovative members of the industry. They are patriots . They come up with new and different gadgets and aspects of mobile telephone. Customers (existing and new ones) are the most critical factor within a company. They decide whether a company goes up or down. Hi’s rising like never before. We need to do something with it. Therefore we make special offers to new and existing customers. Offers will contain a special price, speed and package deal in order to attract and keep customers. We tend to increase revenues, reduce costs, increase speed, expand reach, eliminate inefficiency and increase effectiveness by means of above stated.

2. Abstract

Cell phones have fast become common place and rarely do you find a person without one. In June of 2002 62% of Europe owned a cell phone, up from 55% in 2000. As competition increases among phone manufacturers, they continue to add options in hopes to increase their market share. A phone is no longer a phone as manufacturers add features like cameras (with video) and mobile internet. Even something as simple as the ring tone is becoming ornate as you download your favourite songs to create a personalized ring. But what features of the future will find success and more importantly, as these features increase the cost of the phone, what will people be willing to pay for these new features and do they want this? The technology lifecycle shows us that there are different segments of the buying public each adapting to new technologies at a different time and price. The future of revenue for cell phone makers will derive from being able to satisfy a new market of tech savvy consumers who are interested in specific high tech features. As a product manufacturer investing in these new features, marketing to the correct segment at the correct price can mean the difference between success and failure. Some analysts believe the growth in mobile entertainment will be fueled, in part, by content providers putting more sophisticated applications — everything from GPS navigation tools to streaming DJ beats — on handsets.

2. Introduction

No technological advancement since the introduction of electricity has had a greater impact on society than the cell phone. While cell phone service is not available everywhere cell phones are used for everything from talking to watching television. By the end of 2006, nearly 2.7 billion people around the world subscribed to cell phone services according to a study by London-based Informa Telecoms &

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