Health Reform

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The healthcare industry has been an interesting profession for quite a long time now. However, there have been adverse changes in the technological advances, care delivery and increased expectations of patients and this has brought the growth and evolution of the role of nurses in the healthcare industry. The changing trends in the profession require the nurse to be highly updated for effective assessment and treatment of the patients in the health institutions.

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The nursing profession has been known to involve excellent clinic skills, critical thinking, and compassion for the profession. Significant changes have therefore grown in regard to the workplaces of the nurses and the care delivery to the patients. This paper, therefore, seeks to educate nurses on the nursing practice as well as its expectations on the growth and change of the profession. Some of the quite relevant trends in the healthcare system that will be discussed in this paper include quality patient outcomes and initiatives, technology, care delivery to patients, patient changes, and the push for continued education for the nurses.

Quality patient outcomes and initiatives into the healthcare system

Nurses directly care for most patients in the health institutions, which is a clear critical role for the improvement of the delivery of quality care as well as improvement in the patient outcomes. Besides, the initiatives being made for the pay for performance has as well impacted positively by the profession. Satisfaction rates and safety records can easily be availed through the internet to be accessed by consumers who are interested in quite detailed information in any of the hospitals in the Department of Health and Human Service in the United States. This easy information access by the patients or rather just the interested individuals has changed the roles of nurses particularly in the system of healthcare delivery, for instance, there is massive dependency on the nurses to be able to screen any potential risk and help the healthcare facilities not to make mistakes especially at this time when there is no pay for preventable errors by the Medicare. Health systems and hospitals in the country have implemented thetriple aim to ensure improved quality of healthcare services with better patient experiences and lower costs (Sahay et.

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