Health and safety in the sex industry

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Prostitution is one of the most provocative topics around the world ” one of the definitions of Prostitution the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment (Oxford, 2018). The meaning itself can be complicated and construed in many ways by our society. Another factor that impacts how society interprets is associated with someone’s background, moral and values.

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For example, countries that have strong religious believes, prostitution can be considered as something malicious or a criminal act that is not tolerable by any means and the punishment for those who practice or violate this conduct can lead to death penalty sentences. Other countries, with more liberal views, can interpret in a less harmful way; which can be more beneficial when dealing with legalizing prostitution.

In many countries of South America, including Brazil and Argentina prostitution is legalized and is recognized as any other working vocation. The sex workers still need to handle the part of being looked the wrong way by society. However, these workers can have more social assistance, since is not considered illegal, if they are sexually assaulted by someone they do not need to hide or fear for their lives, they can go to the authorities and report these crimes. Which is the opposite in countries where prostitution is illegal, the victims must face with these issues without any help from authorities. In the event, that they would need to report anything, they can be put at jeopardy of facing the charges themselves, with the likelihood of possibility of jail time, for an act, where they were the victims and not the offenders.

In many other nations including Germany, Holland, Sweden, Norway and New Zealand which are countries that became more exposed to the discussion about legalizing prostitution or decriminalizing prostitution. They consider the pros and cons of each decision. In Europe, another aspect plays a significant with crimes related to prostitution: the growth of human trafficking.

Legalizing and decriminalizing prostitution can have some impact with decreasing the number of people that are victims of sex trafficking. The biggest target for sex trafficking are teenagers and women from developing countries. They are attracted by the criminals with promises that offer them the opportunity to change their lives forever. Most of these women, do not have any educational background and are sometimes seduced by the idea of a new life that they become an easy target for organizations that benefit from human trafficking.

When governments are trying to decide between either decriminalize or legalize prostitution, they must analyze the impact that it could have from these decisions. One can say that it would reduce sex trafficking as many women would no longer feel like prisoners and will have the freedom to work for anyone without having their lives endangered or being threatened by criminal organizations that exploit sex workers.

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