Having a down syndrome baby

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Genetic qualities can impact the shade of an infant’s eyes and hair, yet it can also affect the development of certain birth defect and genetic issues. Genetic screening is offered to every single pregnant lady, and it’s normally talked about amid the main pre-birth visit. This is important for people with disabilities in contemporary society because they can know ahead of time if their baby will come out with any kind of birth defect or if their baby will be normal.

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Much the same as knowing whether an infant will be a young lady or a young man, the advantage of knowing whether a baby will be conceived with Down Syndrome can enable the family to make arrangements ahead of time should they choose to proceed with the pregnancy or terminate the pregnancy or look for other options. Also, it is good to get prenatal testing so that you could know if the baby will have brain defect or spinal cord defect and you could prepare yourself for the coming of your baby if you are pro-life. Diagnostic tests can actually detect many genetic conditions caused by defects in a gene or chromosome, Carl Nierenber, Live Science Contributor, March 2018.)

We have so many new Medical Technologies now that women that want to get pregnant or who are pregnant could know just about anything they want to know about their unborn child. So, this medical technology is great. There also could be a downfall for these Prenatal Care test. The downfall is that the parents might get some bad news about the results of the test and now the parents of this unborn child will have to make some serious decisions really quick. The benefits of prenatal testing will disclose to you that your infant is very likely growing healthy and that means you can be at ease. If you go to prenatal care early on it will detect any defect that you can start treating early on even before you give birth. In chapter 2 they talk about Developmental Theory in the Context of Disability, birth to three years of age. When you give the services that these babies will need if they are born with any defect or disability it makes it easier to manage.

These babies that come out with any defect can get the extra care and services early on. In infancy,

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