Harrison Bergeron Theme of Competition

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Harrison Bergeron was written to give the reader some sort of idea as to what it would be like if there was no competition in the world. The main character is 14, tall, handsome, strong, athletic, smart, and above average in every way imaginable. The author uses humor and irony to depict a rather horrible story of a dystopian society where, all people were truly and fully made equal in every aspect imaginable under the law of the land.

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The government made sure that no one could be smarter, prettier, stronger, or in anyway better than the next person. It is not only a story of government control but also a story about social boundaries and conforming to social norms in this made up society.

Competition is in our nature as people. There is always someone out there that is better, smarter, stronger, etc that we are trying to get ahead of. In this short story a woman named Diana Moon Glampers who was the handicapper general was required to come up with ideas to make sure that no one had an unfair advantage over anyone else. If someone was more than average in their intelligence, like the main character in this short story, they were required to wear an earpiece twenty-four hours a day that transmitted horrible noises into their ears in twenty second intervals to blast out the thoughts. Everyone in this society was required to wear sacks with a certain number of lead balls in them depending on their size, strength and other factors determined by the handicapper general, to weigh them down so that they couldn’t move faster than others.

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