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Introductions Healthcare Associated Infection (HCA1) has been around for centuries, but thanks for the intervention of technology and surveillance, success has been achieved in reducing the risk in which it’s spreading. I intend to summarise the article “appropriate glove use in the prevention of cross infection” by Flores (2007), during our search for articles for the essay I found this topic eye catching because I strongly believe, as a future nurse we all have a role to play in making sure, our customers or patient leaves the hospital infection free. During the activities we were told to summaries the key message the author was trying to reach out to us, the main key points its on ways in which health professionals can avoid and prevent cross infection from spreading from one patient to another. And I believe as a future nurse apart from caring for patients these topic is one of the basic area of specialities we should all be engaged in. Listening to the news, Hospital acquire infection is also one of the major problems facing hospitals and clinical area around the world today, and also in media and public eyes. According to statistics the cost of treating patients who has been infected with one of these communicable diseases is enormous. Hospital acquire disease is also one of the biggest issues arising in the National Health Services (NHS) and it’s putting the trust into huge amount of debt. The cost of treating patients who has been infected from one of these cross infectious disease is causing the medical teams into a lot of stress and that of the patient too. Illness alone can be very stressful event for both the body and mind. A wide range of physical sensations (the effects of nausea, pain or a high temperature for example) are coupled with fears and uncertainties over their meaning.

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