The Revenge in the Hamlet Plays As I memorize back to my childhood age, I always had arguments and fights with my older sister. She would always do some things to get me in trouble with our parents. These acts always made me feel like getting... [ view article ]

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Authors purpose for writing Hamlet The Hamlet by Shakespeare is captivating and has attracted many readers to it for various reasons. There are some who read it for entertainment, criticism, education, and enlightenment. The Hamlet has a tragic tonality linked to the characters to the... [ view article ]

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The History Analysis of Religious Festivals in Shakespeare’s Tragedy “Hamlet” William Shakespeare was the prince of Denmark who wrote the tragedy of Hamlet as one of his most popular tragedies where he found many religious references in his book, which included the protestant and catholic. According to his poetic of... [ view article ]

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Hamlet and Oedipus The King Although created centuries apart, the characters of Hamlet and Oedipus bring light to similar themes. Both of these tragic heroes are eminently consumed by the need to avenge the death of their father, primarily driven by their hamartia. However, they... [ view article ]

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Hamlet’s Impact Did you recognize that the play, “Hamlet” wedged many folks which can have had personal experiences at the time it had been shown? The play was free in 1599 that was written by playwright.  Whereas people will respond otherwise to... [ view article ]


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Hamlet Questions Throughout the novel an eerie and dark tone is used to depict characters and interactions. These negative connotations help establish mood and show true feelings of main characters such as Horacio, Claudius, Hamlet, and Fortinbras. Claudius says that “Young Fortinbras,... [ view article ]


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Interpretation of Gertrude in Hamlet The character of Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother, posted a lot of problems in the interpretation for readers, critics and artists and was often considered a symbol of the harlot, the object of Oedipus complex in Hamlet, is an example of women’s... [ view article ]


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The Mind of the Mad: Analysis of Hamlet The Mind of The Mad What is it to be mad? Is it related to something of biological background? Or is it to do with the complex breakdown of one’s emotions? Or is it both? These questions are important to... [ view article ]

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Hamlet’s Inner Struggle Hamlet’s Inner Struggle In his tragic play, Hamlet, Shakespeare uses Hamlet, the main character, to portray ideas of deceit, desire, and death. A transition in Hamlet’s state of mind ultimately develops the play’s theme as the lack of decisive actions... [ view article ]


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