Guy Montag in “Fahrenheit 451”

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In this futuristic world Guy Montag is a firemen and as long as anyone can remember they’ve been starting fires instead of preventing and putting them out. They burn books based on one reason, they’re trying to keep the peace. Books provide knowledge to these people who read them which makes them more superior almost to others.

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As the firemen and the government put it these authors don’t know what they’re talking about. They talk about fictional characters and disturbing topics, insane things that wouldn’t happen everyday and people don’t like that. They burn these books because they believe they’re keeping the peace. But a select few who hide these books but unfortunately get caught think other wise.

The conflict is that Guy Montag meets Clarisse Mcclellan, a young seventeen year old girl. She makes him question anything he ever thought and loved (referring to his wife). One day she asks him Are you happy? and it just hits him. He gets more shaken up when he steals a book from an old lady’s house him and his firemen burned down, burning the old lady down with it. He wonders why the books are so special that an old lady risked her life and died for them. Then he starts to steal books. He’s fighting society to gain the right to read books.

The resolution is when he finds individualism against his oppressive government. Guy Montag has some struggles. His house gets burned down, his wife betrayed him, and he was almost killed multiple times. Guy Montag enters a new society.

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