Gun Violence in American Culture

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Guns, guns, and more guns are becoming an integral part of American culture. The problem is that guns are providing far too many Americans with the courage to be insane or even misuse them. Guns have their pros and cons. Guns can be used to protect citizens in their everyday life or those same guns can be used to harm those citizens. Despite having gun law, we still face common tragedies to this day such as mass shootings, school shootings and even suicide. So, what can really change to prevent such things from happening or can the common problem be changed at all?

According to the United States law the laws regulate the manufacture, trade, possession, transfer, record keeping, transport, and destruction of firearms, ammunition, and firearms accessories. We should allow the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to track gun sales, and keep the data it collects electronically and searchable. This data would be a slight decrease in violence if we knew more about the firearm that’s been sold or even the area of location. Most individuals still manage to get possession on firearms and ammunition but is that enough. We need to empower a permanent commission, possibly under the Department of Homeland Security, to bring all the data together, in consultation with law enforcement, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Education and any other relevant parties, to make ongoing policy and regulatory recommendations to reduce gun violence.

Firearm sales and individual verification records are basic devices law implementation can use to understand wrongdoings including firearms and recognize degenerate weapon merchants and buyers. While government law requires authorized firearm merchants to keep up deals records, it likewise requires the FBI to annihilate affirmed historical verification records, hampering law authorization endeavors. States can and should find a way to fill the holes in government law. Firearm sales and personal investigation records can be utilized by law authorization in various approaches to explain weapon wrongdoings and recognize firearm merchants and buyers who are disregarding state and government firearm laws. For instance, deals records can empower officers to distinguish the last retail buyer of a gun that has been utilized in a wrongdoing, which can prompt the ID and indictment of fierce offenders.

Federal law requires authorized guns merchants to keep up records of weapon deals inconclusively, including data about the firearms being acquired, and the purchaser. Federal law disallows the government from gathering gun deals records in a focal storehouse, in any case. Without a focal archive of all gun deals records, weapon following is a moderate, unwieldy process. Unified records of weapon possession would significantly expand the proficiency of the following procedure. These records would likewise help law requirement recover guns from people who have turned out to be lawfully denied from having them, and they could be utilized to alarm law implementation to the nearness of weapons at a private living arrangement when they are reacting to a crisis call.

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