Gun Reforms

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In the recent years, Gun reforms remain the biggest challenge and debate in security agencies in the United States of America. Gun violence has claimed numerous innocent lives causing great moaning in the United States. Similarly, gun caused violence has also left several people crippled or with serious injuries hence affecting the health of the victim.

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This challenge is mainly caused by the issuance and possession of unrestricted firearms in the United States. Therefore a research should be done to investigate the current and the best gun reforms which will decrease the gun-related crimes(Huerta, 2015 pg 1848). Additionally, this will also reduce the number of deaths of innocent people who die due to gun violence. To do so, governments must control gun supply by illegalizing its possession without any exception to any condition.

According Alexander, gun violence is the use of guns to cause any harm or injury to the human species. Additionally, gun violence is the general misuse of firearms. Therefore it broadly describes a category of crime and violence done with the use of a gun which can or not be activities of self-defense, sports, law enforcement actions and game hunting(Alexander, 2003). Most argue that gun violence comprises of deliberate use of guns to commit murder, cause an injury or threaten a person. In the last two decades, gun violence among the adolescents and children has increased, this is due to the presence of guns which make then to end up causing misfortune among themselves and the overall public. This essay will talk gun reforms in the United States as compared to other nations. It will also talk about the negative impacts of guns in the society. In the last three decades, gun reforms in the United States have been widely debated in different ways by different groups in the society.

Research shows that united states of America have the largest number of its citizen with guns worldwide. According to the gun control agencies, Americans have approximately 270,000,000 guns; hence they have the highest number of guns in the world. Additionally, this means that in every 100 people in the US there are 89 guns or 89 of them have guns. Statistics show that 22% of the United States population has one or more guns. 35% of this population comprises of men while 12% are women. The gun culture in America originates back from their colonial history, frontier expansion, revolutionary origins, and the 2nd Amendment, which states that a well-controlled militia, is important to the safety of a free nation, the freedom of its citizens to have and keep firearms, should not be violated.

Furthermore due to the high population in America, cultures and legal laws which allow gun ownership among their citizens, gun possession in America has escalated rapidly over the years.

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