Gun Controling Our Minds

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Dupesh Persaud Professor McCaffrey English 1102 5 November 2018 Gun Controlling our Minds With so many mass shootings and violent acts being reported on the news so often it’s easy to say that guns are the problem, however there’s a whole other side to this other than just what’s being reported. From ever the start of early America after seceding from Great Britain the America people have always been debating the importins of gun control. With so many school shootings and acts of violence in America today, it’s easy to say that gun control would be the best option to save lives.

However, current proposed gun control laws will have no affect at reducing mass shootings in the United States whiles simultaneously restricting citizens of rights. Dating back to the birth of this nation after brave men fought off an empire to clamed independence they created rights that everyone under our flag is born with, the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is the most sacred and important document in American history. When talking about gun control it’s important to understand why people feel so strongly about this not so simple right. The reason we have the right to bear arms is for safety from a tyrannical government.

The people of this great nation deserve a way to fight back against a corrupt government; our founding fathers declared that along with other basic right that every America is born with. The First ten amendments make America free and is what brought this great nation together. Your ability to get a gun is something that is taken seriously and has many complications to help prevent people who should not possess them from doing so. Since the start of this great country we as a country have had many debates about the use of gun and regulating them.

Most minor gun related incidents such as a child getting a hold of guns and the use of educating children on gun have already been discussed and debated for years, one great example of this would be the Education, Licensing, and National Rifle Association methods on capitol hill 1989 (Wilson 388). Also, we as a nation have passed laws to prevent and stop other miss use of guns. Things like mailing guns as a way to get around background checks and make it easier for people who have committed crimes have been passed. Along with this we have also passed laws to restrict the purchasing of bump stocks to and any form of altering a firearm to make it an automatic weapon. These debates help America grow as a country and help with heathy alternatives that can stop the small incidence that affect our population rather than removing guns as a whole.

As a United States citizen, it’s important to understand that were here to better one another and create a better future for not just ourselves, but our children. Our children are the most important things to us as human and we take that very seriously.

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