Growth Mind vs Fixed Mind

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Fixed verses growth mind set

Mindset is said to be a people’s believe in the mind, the underlying believes that people have about learning and intelligence (Dweck 4). It comes in two forms; it can either be fixed mindset or growth mindset. This was put forth by Carol Dreck and her colleagues interested in students’attitudes towards failure.

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As scholars they saw the need to come up with a strategy of getting to know student causes of failure and achievement at the same time. This research paper aims at educating the reader on the definition of a fixed mind set and a growth mind set. It also states the importance and ways of getting the growth mindset and lastly gives personal views about the mindset, mostly the growth mind set.

In a fixed mind set people believe that their basic qualities like talents and ability to understand or their intellectual capabilities are simply fixed traits. They therefore spend most of their time criticizing their abilities instead of working on them and developing them. They also believe that talent alone can create success which is wrong to my own opinion. It is not true because one cannot be able to perfectly perform without practice. The white men also believe that practice makes perfect. Through practice we discover or talents develop them and we later acquire success. The fixed mind set is not advisable to learners.

In a growth mindset, people believe that they can only improve and develop their skills and talent through hard work. People discover their abilities and dedicate all their energies which later bring about success. This creates an encouraging environment for work and high levels of production. The growth mindset creates motivation, on various areas of development such as, education, business, games and sports and also worldwide relationships between developing and developed countries (Dweck 75).

Mindset is an important mind belief since it helps us understand the reason as to why we should praise our efforts and not our ability. The belief that one can make it makes one work hard with persistence and can therefore achieve much. Therefore we are in control of what we are capable of doing. The goals that we set show that we have the ability and we strongly believe that we can achieve. The believe goes hand in hand with success. This is the reason as to why we should not praise our children basing our arguments on their abilities but we should clearly describe to them how they can put more effort in order to perform.

Growth mindset is more preferred than fixed mind set. There are various ways in which we can develop our growth mindset. We should avoid being victims of imperfection and learn that we cannot do everything perfectly but we can try and do everything to our level best.

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