Growing Up In Texas

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Growing up in Texas your first purchase as an Adult is either a truck or a firearm because its the Texan thing to do. Buying a gun in Texas is very a simple process. All you need is a valid State ID or Driver’s License with your current address and no criminal history.

The Federal Government requires a person to be eighteen and older to purchase a rifle or shotgun and twenty one to purchase a handgun. The Government does not have complete say over the states and let’s them decide what requirements to enforce to purchase a firearm while using the age limits as a based guideline. For example, in the State of Illinois you are required to take a three week gun safety class in order to receive a license and be able to purchase. Once the gun is purchase you are then obligated to register with the State of Illinois.

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In Texas, you only require a valid ID or Driver’s License and pass the National Instant Criminal Background Check. The background check can take anywhere from five minutes to up to seven days. Speeding up the background check is possible by inputting your social security number in as it is optional but it helps the system find you more quickly. Personally, it takes me ten minutes to do the background check and walk out with my firearm.

I am sure you remember this most recent Senatorial election since you were involved. You voiced your thoughts and plans for more control in Texas. I believe that lead to loss in the election. Since Texan men and women love their guns as much as they love there moms. While some people believe that it is relatively easy to buy a gun in Texas, it really is not that way. Companies are now requiring that you take a special training class in order for you to sell.

This training includes learning the parts of a firearm, how to break down a firearm, how to identify a straw purchase, and most importantly how to fill out the form 4473 which completes the firearm purchase. This training could be as short as a couple of days but as long has a couple of weeks. Companies train their employees this way so that they ensure that a firearm does not end up in the hands of someone who is prohibited from owning a firearm. Even though a training class to prevent this is mandatory. I do feel as if there should be an extra precaution in the re-sale aspect of firearms.

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