Growing Of Homelessness In California

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Homelessness seem to be growing even more throughout the state of California everyday. As i ride the Metro buses with my son no matter where you’re going or passing there will be a homeless person sleeping nearby in a tent, Asking for money, or just simply looking in the garbage. People treat the homeless like the plague no one wants to help out of fear that just being near them will make them dirty or sick, It just simply pisses me of to see how they are treated when they are human to that just struggle more than the average human being everyday.

I was able to see first hand have differently a person asks the moment they find out your homeless. I’m currently 21 but when i was 16 years old me and my best friend became homeless due to life threatening situations within the foster system, At first we lived with my mother until we were 17 because my mother is bipolar i was getting abused so we packed up our things and tried staying with his family which only worked out for a few months since because was young and had body in her eyes she believed her human would lose interest in her and focus on me instead.
So we left the first place we went was near a freeway exit and an ally there was a couch there and we had blankets, So we slept there for a week some lady driving by saw us and went across the street to Carl’s jr and got us some burgers and gave us 10$ we were thankful but other people weren’t so kind so we were told to move from that area. So we slept in the park at the science center for 2 days, Then on the rock benches in front of the museum we’d charge our phones in the museum and shower at the beach or drop in centers where we’d get newer cleaner clothes and every thursday at 12am after the food truck in hollywood we got to get our clothes washed for free and get served free food.

We stay in an abandoned house for 4 months and went to the library nearby but smokers found out about our place and we didn’t feel safe so my mother bought us a tent and camp stove and gas cans she told us about a place down a dead end street where people live in the tents and from there we lived there for 2 years we always showered and got different clothes so no one ever knew we were homeless until they see us get into our tent. But when friends find out your homeless they start to avoid you and treat you differently see i wasn’t homeless because i did drugs or was sleeping around i was homeless because i ran away to live no one really understood that so i got my life together without caring about how i was treated or looked at.

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