Growing Global Concern over Poverty

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The growing concern of poverty is a prevalent issue that prevents many individuals from succeeding. Often, it is the economic, social and political barriers that limit one’s potential to succeed. A lot of these barriers affect individuals of all ages; however, youth in Canada are the ones at the most significant risk from being affected by poverty.

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The focus of the paper is to identify and recommend solutions to the issues of poverty associated with youth in Canada. The reason why youth poverty has the most substantial risk is that youths will become a leading generation that will face more significant issues such as global warming. By tackling youth poverty at a young age, it is possible to decrease the amount of poverty and increase the average income of Canadian’s. To put Canadian youth poverty into perspective, one in five children live in poverty conditions and more than a third of food bank users across Canada were children in 2016 (Canada Without Poverty, 2017). It is vital that sociologists and healthcare professionals understand the income issues in Canada because it reflects the government’s abilities to reduce economic inequality and the expensive medical treatments that are not covered (Siavash, 2018). If income issues were left as they are, the rich would only get richer as they would be able to afford healthcare and education for their offspring while the poor are left in a cycle of poverty. The cycle of poverty consists of a family impoverished for three generations and starts with the child born to a low-income family (Dubay, 2018). The lack of opportunity for advancement is the primary cause of this cycle as low-income families do not have access to the required resources to improve their living conditions ultimately affecting children (Dubay, 2018).

Impact on Income Issues in Canada

Income inequality in Canada is a significant issue that is particularly common among families facing poverty. To put it in a micro-sociological perspective, a youth’s development heavily relies on their family and environment. By increasing income within families, we can consistently improve living conditions for families as youths will be able to adopt greater attitudes, gain better grades and attend post-secondary education. This has been supported as many studies have identified a positive correlation between income and youth development (The Vancouver Sun, 1998). With the increase in income, families can provide more to their children as they will have greater access to resources and food which will support their development. There is also a negative correlation to the amount of income and healthy eating of Youth Canada. It showed that children of low income have poor diet quality characterized by low consumption of the four food groups and high consumption of the other food categories (St John et al., 2008). The income issues in Canada associated with youth development has its effect on each youth as they do not have the required resources for success.

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