Green wood road

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This incident of the 43, Green Wood Road took place on the 19th of December. There was a block of 4 flats, 2 flats on each floor and each consisted of two bedrooms. These flats had no smoke detection installed in them. At the time of fire the occupier an old lady was accompanied by her daughter and her three children. They lived on the ground floor. A call was received by the fire brigade and they attended the call with three appliances, they used six breathing apparatus sets, 2 high range jets and a large jet.

The Scene:

At 2100 hours on 19th December the daughter and her children retired to bed in the front bedroom. The children were of 8, 6 and 4 years in age. At 6:30 AM the mother woke up feeling hot. She was sleeping with 2 children while the third was near the front window. When she woke up she noticed a fire on the carpet between the door and her bed and one child stood there. The fire was on her duvet, she immediately jumped out of her bed and started searching for the keys to the front door and at the same time she was shouting to the old lady to awaken her. In the meantime the smoke kept accumulating in the house. As she found the keys she ran into the street shouting for help. The fire brigade attended the fire call soon from Morley and Hunslet. The team used 2 breathing apparatus crews to find the seat of the fire and fight it down. During this the two children were rescued from the rear bedroom, while one was found in the front bedroom. But due to the severity of his injuries, it was obvious that he died and hence was left behind till the Investigation Officer arrived.

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An accelerant detection dog was used at the fire scene, but the dog showed no signs of accelerants being used. The scene was also excavated by forensic department from the Wetherby to know the cause. This revealed a spalling pattern and hence indicating the places that maximum to heat or fire.


It was concluded that fire was put down as a naked flame exposed to clothing located on the carpet adjacent to the bed. As a result the bedding material lit and led to a rapid fire development in the horse hair mattress (it was approved also confirmed by the fire test of the horse mattress at the scene) which resulted in the loss of two of children.


Notes of Richard Hagger, The effects of fire fighting operations on fire investigation.

2) 12 Manor Street


The occupier of this property was an 87 year old lady.

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