Green Packaging International Business Issues Assignment

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Green Packaging International Business Issues Assignment Table of Contents Green Packaging and World Hunger Page 3 Impact on Packaging Industry and Consumers Page 3-4 Dealing Green Packaging and World Hunger Page 4-5 Possible Solutions Page 5 Green Packaging and China Page 6 Reflection Page 6 Works Cited Page 7-8 Green Packaging and World Hunger According to the Packaging Association, over 30 percent of all food produced globally is wasted. More specifically, each year, worldwide, a third of all food is thrown away or lost, while more than 800 million people suffer from hunger. (Harris, 2014) Improper packaging design is one of the reasons cited for food and beverage waste around the world. As a result, the packaging industry has been asked to come up with innovative green designs that will help prevent food discarded. Sustainable packaging solutions are just one of the ways to bring more food to more tables— helping millions of people around the world who suffer from hunger. The packaging industry itself is extended all around the world and this issue impacts international sectors in multiple ways. Though it is not the first time green packaging has come into vision, the call to change up designs in the packaging industry for a more green approach will cause business and companies to go out of their way to create alternatives in order to prevent food waste. Overall, it will be a global effort to research the various wastes in supply chains and to identify packaging opportunities for innovation in saving food and feeding the hungry (Harris, 2014). Impact on Packaging Industry and Consumers The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations created the PAC Food Waste initiative in response to a recent report regarding food waste and hunger around the world. The organization estimated that to ensure the world’s population could be fed; food production must increase by approximately 70 percent. However, it was stated that during the path from farms to markets to consumers, more than 33 percent of all food produced is lost or wasted (Harris, 2014). Undoubtedly, by the percentage loss of food in the chain, the business industry itself is not very efficient nor productive with transporting its goods— causing a major loss and reduction in various aspects such as in money, time, and products themselves. With this request for sustainable packaging in foods and beverages, green packaging requires more research and documentation when being designed. More initiative from the packaging industry and consideration of materials, processing, and its life cycle have to be taken. Sustainable packaging is not just the vague concept of “green movement” that many businesses and companies around the world have been trying to include in their products over the past years (Sustainable Packaging, 2014). Green packaging today has evolved into something much more and only recently has the world realized fixing up the packaging industry can help feed the globe. Regarding consumers, the issue of green packaging and hunger has more likely impacted buyer mindsets.

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