Greece Is Said To Be The Birthplace

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Greece is said to be the birthplace of many amazing discoveries. Three thousand years later we still use ancient Greek discoveries in math, philosophy, science, architecture, government, and art. What’s even more astonishing is that ancient Greeks achieved so much without the use of technology or machinery.

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Many of ancient Greeks discoveries and inventions are still used today, even though some of them weren’t popular, like the idea that the sun was the center of the solar system. That idea was ignored and then rediscovered much later. The advancements made by ancient Greece is obvious today because schools all over the world still teach many of the ancient Greek ideas and innovations. The impact ancient Greeks made in history is still noticeable in modern society.

Ancient Greeks are well known for their beautiful architecture. So it’s no wonder they put so much thought and planning into their buildings. Ancient Greeks used a lot of different materials when building which include concrete. The Greeks were the first to start mixing clay with Limestone around 100 BC, however the Romans perfected it giving them more credit.
Think about how cold the winters would be without heat inside your house. The Greeks solved that problem because they invented a type of central heating. The ancient Greeks figured out to transfer heat from the fires under the floors through pipes to different rooms. The pipes under the floor heats the surface of the floor which then heats the room to a comfortable temperature. Slaves did the maintenance for the fires. This invention led to what we call today radiant floor heat.

The ancient Greeks had already designed irrigation systems for farming, so it was a natural next step to bring water into their homes to create extensive plumbing systems for baths and fountains. The greeks figured out that water was important for more than just drinking and bathing so they used stone and clay to make pipes or aqueducts to bring water from streams and rivers. The water from rivers, streams, and rainwater was collected in storage cisterns and some of this water was fed into street fountains which are still being used today. This indoor plumbing system was so brilliant that it made it possible for some houses to be equipped with closets or latrines that drained into the sewer pipes beneath the street. This is how the first ‘flushing’ toilet was made. The water in the cisterns helped flush the waste through the sewers, and terra-cotta pipe work blocked the odors from coming back up. This system was really advanced for their time.
Since the ancient Greeks had already created a plumbing system in their homes, this lead to the invention of the shower. Ancient Greeks liked feeling clean and they wanted to replicate the feeling of standing under a waterfall because they realized that running water poured over the body cleaned them more efficiently than to bathe in still water.

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