Governmental Body Of Athens And Sparta

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Governmental body of Athens and Sparta Spartans were the warriors. Athenians were the brains. This is what we learned in school as kids.

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We did delve into how these great cities worked. It has gone down in history that Athens was the birthplace of democracy. This makes many people believe that their was equality in Athens like their is in today’s democratic societies. However if you were not lucky enough to be born a rich Athenian male you were not allowed to hold political office. Spartans were the warriors everyone fear in Greece. They were known for their ruthlessness. Their military are till this day revered by countries. How did these societies work? If the Spartans were always away who ran the government? Who participated in the political aspects of these city-states?

In this essay these questions will be answered and many others. Let’s delve into the ancient cities of Athens and Sparta. Athens and Sparta had a very strict and finite way that one could participate in Public life and make decisions for the Community. Although both Athens and Sparta had very similar rules. Sparta was very cut to and dry, If you were a free male citizen in Sparta you were part of the Assembly. The Assembly not only had the power to pick the annual Ephors they also had the power to pick the Gerousia when a position became available. The Assembly also were able to pass laws and were able to make decisions on war. However, the assembly had little power compared to the Ephors and the Gerousia. The Ephors were elected annually. Ephors could only serve one term in office. The Ephors combined with the two kings were considered the Executive branch in Sparta. (Brand, P. J. (n.d.).)

The Gerousia were a more elite group that was harder to get into. Once a free male citizen became 60 they could become part of the Gerousia once a position became available.

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