Government Of Malaysia Controlling Housing Speculative

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In chapter 1 and 2 it has already been discussed by way of introduction and Lending Value Rate (LTV), Real Property Gain Tax, Stamp Duty Fees and Base Lending Rate (BLR) are the ways to monitor or control housing speculative by government of Malaysia. This section is to examine research methodology and theoretical framework in order to understand the nature of the research problems. This framework is to test the relationship between independent variables and dependent variables.

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Questionnaire design and method of data collection will be discussed. At the same time, population and sample size will be covered in this chapter. Therefore, this study is to investigate and to understand the way of control or monitor by government of Malaysia in housing speculative whether effective. This selection of research methodology is very important in ensuring all information and data received will assist in meeting the survey objectives. This chapter focuses or the reason for and choices made in research design. The various stages of the research are as below. 1.Determining the Research Design 2.Type of Investigation 3.Identifying the Time Horizon 4. Data Collection Method Figure 3.1 Steps in Research Methodology With virtually all research there has to be some compromise between the ideal and the actual, and this project is of no exception. Despite setting out with very detail plans for the research design, various factors intervened and impacted on the methodology.

3.2 Theoretical Framework

Theoretical Framework is a collection of interrelated concept but not necessarily developed to become a confirmed theory. Thus, it is obviously critical in deductive, theory-testing sorts of studies such as (1) Applied versus Basis research (2) Exploratory versus Confirmatory research (3) Quantitative versus Qualitative research. In these studies, the theoretical framework should be very specific and well organised. The objective of the theoretical framework is to aim at the control or monitor housing speculative by government Malaysia whether effective. Schematically diagram of theoretical framework below represent the ways to monitor and control housing speculation by government of Malaysia.

Loan to Value Ratio

Base Lending Rate

Control or monitor

Housing Speculative

by government of


Capital Gain Tax for Property

Increase Stamp Duty Fees

Dependent Variable Independent Variable

Figure 3.2: Schematic Diagram of the Theoretical Framework Generally, research can be categorized into two styles of variables which are dependent variable and independent variable. A variable is a concept that can vary or have more than one value. It certainly affect the outcome if any measurement taken. Hence, it is important to define the variables for the research purpose. The illustration above showed that the independent variables which consist of loan to value ratio, base lending rate,

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