(Google) Strategic Analysis and Recommendation

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Being one of the best companies in the world Google Inc. (Google or “the company”) is a worldwide technology organization that provides search, enterprise, platforms and operating systems, marketing and hardware products. The organization have premises in UK, US and in other nations across the globe.

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The headquartered of Google is in Mountain View, California and has employed about 47,756 individuals as of December 31, 2013.The corporation command strong global reach and market share that offer maintainable advantage as the corporation ingrained position in the market permits it to drive revenues. However, extreme competition has capability to influence the market share and growth prospects in the company. The success of Google Corporation is directly founded on its capability to exert its strengths. Mostly the company strengths must be enough to sustain its growth in the SWOT analysis model. One of the main strength of the company is that it is an excellent frontrunner in search engine that shows its dominance in the market and a big portion of the internet searches globally. Google control about 63% of all shares in the market via the internet searches where even the rivals are unable to match their success (Falagas, et.al.2008). Also another strength that Google enjoy is the ability to generate use traffic. Being one of the household brands worldwide its capability to motivate internet operators’ traffic is renowned, and hence this has assisted it in becoming one of the utmost influential brands globally. In fact, Google corporation attain more than 1.2 billion hits a months in relations to various exceptional searches that operators implement on the website and thus this ensure it have unparalleled edge and unrivaled advantage over its rivals in the marketplace. The company also through revenue model reaps huge profits via third partnership with sites that have held the organization through also its capability to swab up incomes and upsurge both its bottom-line as well as it top-line is apprehensive. This remains also an important asset of the corporation that has aided it gauge better statures. One of the last strengths of the company is the introduction of Mobile and Android Technologies and thus this has enabled it to become a direct rival of Apple as far as these strategies, where also operating systems are looked upon. Irrespective of its market supremacy, Google’s weaknesses brings trials to its corporate. According to Googles Code of Conduct it openly shares private corporation information across the organization. The company faces many risks as a result of having more than 20000 employees around the globe who openly share private information within the company (Falagas, et.al.2008). This is a big challenge as the information leak either intentional or otherwise is more difficult to control when a lot of workers are privy to such statistics. About 90% of all google revenue is as a result of online advertisement where also the online advertisement is predicted to improve in double digits and thus will enable google to grow its revenue in the short run (Falagas,

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