GMO and novel “Frankenstein”

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In the novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelley infers that caution must be taken when practicing science and tampering with nature. Even though the book was published in the early nineteenth century it predicted a lot about what occurs in science today. Science has come so far since the 19th century. Innovations in technology, science, medicine, etc. have shaped the way humans function today. Scientists have always been pushing the limits of scientific discovery.

A genetically modified organism (commonly referred to as GMOs) is an organism that has had its genome changed or altered by genetic engineering. Many countries have made the switch to using GMOs instead of growing everything organically. The United States has been doing this since 1994. Producing and consuming GM food can be hazardous to the environment and one’s own body.

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GMOs can be seriously dangerous to your health. An example of this is that a type of modified corn was never intended for human consumption but actually for pig feed. According to certain studies this type of corn has been linked to liver and kidney problems. Some people might also be allergic to GMOs and not even know it since most companies don’t specify they use GMOs They allergies can range from mild symptoms to more serious side effects.“Food allergies are a growing problem in the United States…Some people believe that spike is linked to GM foods” (GMOs: Pros and Cons). Some people can even be seriously allergic to GMOs. GMOs also affect our environment, they are often tested on animals and they alter the way the course of nature works, by contributing to antibiotic resistance.

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