Globalization and Social Work

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Globalization affects nations all over the world and is currently one of the most talked about concepts regarding the future of the economy. Globalization is a blanketed term that encompasses the integration of economies in several different ways. One such way is the incorporation of like ideologies across a massive span of consumers.

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To get these messages across to the intended population, as well as produce the means to effectively become a global concept, many societies must significantly alter their previous way of living to accommodate the changes globalization brings. These changes affect the indigenous populations of these regions in both positive and negative ways. When disparity arises, it is the economical defects globalization has on the indigenous population that is highlighted most. This is where social workers find their services needed in international advocacy, policy change, and the advancement of social welfare. This paper will look at how globalization interferes with indigenous practices, and what roles social workers play in solving international crises arisen because of transnational interference.

What is Globalization? (#1)

Globalization is the idea that the many workings of a society such as business concepts, governments, trends, etc. should be integrated into other cultures and populations on a global scale (DiNitto & Johnson, 2016). The reasons for transcending these concepts internationally vary between economical gain and the promotion of human advancement. The concept of globalization takes on several meanings as its definition depends on the perspective. From an economic standpoint, globalization is the transference of production processes from one industrialized country to another. It is also seen as the liberation of international finance systems and is attributed to cost reductions of transportation and communications (Lyons, 2006). Other perspectives have focused on the definition of globalization as being a broader term, encompassing a myriad of foreign influences that alter practices and extend relationships to other states and countries.

Globalization has extended an interconnectedness of goods to countries all over the world. Places like McDonalds were once small businesses that were only found in a few cities across the United States. Now there are thousands of McDonalds spread across hundreds of countries (Powell & Geoghegan, 2005). Where once it took companies decades to expand their business to other countries, the evolution of industry and technology has now allowed startup companies to expand businesses oversees within a short period of time. The same can be seen for the automotive industry and the spread of car ownership. Detroit used to be the capital of the automotive industry, but once vehicle production was moved oversees, cars became common commodities. Globalization is directly correlated with the expansion of well-known empires and continues to be an integral part of corporate expansion.

The most associated institutions of globalization are the World Bank, the World Trade Organization (WTO),

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