Global Warming Threating Life’s

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 I have watched the movie The Day After Tomorrow and it shows us fictionally what could happen as the worst possibility if we keep ignoring global warming. Jack Hall is the main climatologist in the movie and he goes to U.N. officials to present his environmental concerns, but he was tossed aside by most of the people.

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He said in the movie that “the government needed to start making long-term preparations now,” before it was too late. Then after they tossed him aside his research and all the estimations that he made came true. Later a massive “superstorm” developed setting off a chain of devastating natural disasters throughout the world.

By the time anyone realized what was happening most everyone was dead, billions of lives and places in ruin. This movie sparked my interest because there are scientific facts and important people telling us that we are straining our resources and our environment. Yet we keep on throwing their concerns out the window, and that has real life consequences. Global warming is harmful to us and the environment and if we don’t start taking better care of the planet now then we will have big problems to face such as, more frequent and intense weather, higher sea levels, and wildlife extinction rates will continue to rise. Global warming has many consequences, one of which is causing more frequent and intense weather to occur.

We all know or recognize that seasons and temperatures have changed since each of us were kids. I remember as a child that it would be fall September through November and then winter would come in December. Now it starts to get cold October through November and we have barely even had any of the fall season. Based on figure ones graph it shows that the average surface temperature for the whole globe has increase from the 1850’s through 2011. The graph states that there has been much more of an increase in the twentieth century. From that graph alone it shows us that the climate has changed and has gone up a lot since we first started taking weather and climate measurements. “The work of climatologists has found evidence to suggest that only a limited number of factors are primarily responsible for most of the past episodes of climate change on the earth.

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