Global Impact of Gun Violence: Firearms, Public Health and Safety

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In the recent years, public places and schools are became target of gun violence. This issue is affecting the entire society. Back then parents felt that schools was a secure place to their kids, but the insecurity is taking place of it. Through human history violence always existed. Decades by decades people are manifesting the nonconformity of violent attacks. Back in my memories make me remind the war in my native country. My parents trained us to hide under the bed during the shooting between the soldiers and guerrillas. Most of the time we was eating breakfast under the table instead on top. In different ways the violence is proliferated around the world. The implementation of strict gun regulations will not deter violence, but could help to reduce crime in numbers. The gun violence is caused for many reasons, such as easy access, mental illness, and bad use of technology.

The first cause of gun violence is the easy access to firearms. President and government should focus to create restricted laws to reduce the high level of crime. Without any restriction more people are accessing to weapons. To buy a firearm is like go to the grocery store to buy food. People just need a driver license to access to a weapon. The problem it is not the gun, the issue is the risk to put a gun in wrong hands. Most of the weapons used in the shooting attacks were legally acquired. The gun control is an issue which is debating in congress for many years. According to the article called Assault Weapons: Should the government restrict access to assault weapons?, published by Infobase Learning, 29 Jan. 2016. This article argue that should the government restrict access to assault weapons. For example, in 1994 President Bill Clinton signed a national ban on assault weapons into law. The ban for those assault weapons was not for all the semiautomatics assault rifle, also that ban was valid only for ten years, then it had to been renewed. The main reason is because the semiautomatics weapons can kill more people than a regular weapon. Due to the assault weapons clips holding more of ammunition. According to Senator Dianne Feinstein [p. 2], the ban helped to saved lives, after the ban expired, at more than three hundred people have been killed and more than four hundred were injured. This is a called to create restricted laws to stop the easy access to weapons.

In addition, the firearms store do not have access to see the criminal record of the customers. Some of the weapons are sold to people with aggressive behavior or criminal records. Either way is necessary make a psychological evaluation before sell a firearm. The gun store have to know in which hands the gun will be. After a shooting occurred investigation display that the majority of the weapons used on a shooting attack were legally acquired. It is imperative to create a link between police department and gun store.

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