Global Effect of Gangs in Central America

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My name is Mrs. Katherine Hernandez and I am currently serving in the United States Navy. I am very concerned with our approach, as a country, to the war on gangs in the United States, and Central America.

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Although I know our President is looking for ways to eliminate this problem by mass deportations, I highly believe that it will increase our problems. My reason being is that we are not eliminating the problem, just handing it off to another country to deal with. We need to decrease the amount of undocumented individuals entering the United States. Once this is achieved we will start seeing a growth in the economy, and a potential reduction in the crime rate with both Central America and the United States.

When talking about the origin of gangs you need to see it from a cultural aspect, along with social, and economic. Gangs started coming about in the early 1800s, people started to look for easy ways to secure money with no limitations. They used racketeering, prostitution, and robbery. When you have a lack of education, and poverty you can see the level of violence rising up. You will see gangs exhibit dominance and power to prove their superiority. According to authors Ms Carlson and Ms. Gallagher:

A study by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops found that over 50 percent of children from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador reported that violent crime in their country of origin had influenced their decision to leave home (USCCB 2012, 7-8). About 50 percent of Honduran refugees had witnessed gun or gang-related violence, including the murder of family or friends (ibid., 8-9). Rising levels of gang membership also support the claim that widespread violence and gang activity are an underlying cause of UAC migration to the United States (Seelke 2014). Additionally, children who reach their teenage years start receiving threats and pressure to join gangs, prompting them to undertake a perilous journey at a young age with the hope of attaining long-term security.

This is a perfect example of how our approach is backfiring.
The United States began deporting gang members in the late 1900s and early 2000s back to Hispanic countries. In 2015, the United States deported over 176,968 people to Mexico, 40,695 people were deported to Honduras, 54,423 to Guatemala, and 27,180 were sent to El Salvador. Decreasing the violence in the United States had a major increase of crime in Central America. Although these numbers of deportation are high, without executing the root of the problem we will only see temporary solutions to the gang problem in the United States. We are allowing them to build another base in another country, which give them the opportunity to multiply rapidly. Once that empire is built somewhere else,

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