George Washington’s Impact on U.S

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George Washington, born on February 22, 1732 in Virginia, was the first president of the United States of America. “Realizing that the way he handled the job would impact how future presidents approached the position, he handed down a legacy of strength, integrity and national purpose.” Washington showed his strong role of leadership through being the commander of the Continental Army through the American Revolutionary War. Before becoming president, Washington began working as a Surveyor.

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Being the first president, George Washington had major impacts on America socially, economically and politically. Washington had an effect on main events such as The French and Indian war, the American Revolution, the Whiskey Rebellion and more.

Being the first president, the actions that George Washington took would affect how future generations follow. He set precedents that were then followed by future presidents, such as the formation of a cabinet, which are heads of the executive departments. An additional precedent set by Washington was the precedent of American neutrality. He knew that for a new nation, trade was necessary, but that alliances may force it into a war. He was the one who set the ground of the U.S. foreign policy in his Farewell Address. His Farewell Address served as a warning of the dangers of of having permanent alliances with other nations. Even though he supported economic ties to other countries, he warned the nation to divert from political commitments with other nations.

Washington also strengthened the new government through the support of Hamilton’s financial policies, like when it came to the Whiskey Rebellion. The Whiskey Rebellion took place when the farmers refused to pay excise taxes on the whiskey that they had produced.

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