George Washington’s Family Tree

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George Washington had traces of his family from North America to John Washington, his great grandfather that had migrated from England to Virginia. The family acquired some divergence in England and were also granted land from Henry VII. During the Puritan Revolution, much of the family’s wealth was lost and so George’s grandfather, Lawrence Washington, migrated to Virginia.

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George’s father, Augustine Washington, was born in the year 1694. He was a very determined man who managed to gain land, slaves, build mills, and grow tobacco. George’s father who was a lead planter in their area and also played a apart in serving as a justice of the county court. Augustine Washington was firstly married to Jane Butler, who had died in 1729. This left him with two sons, Lawrence and Augustine Jr and a daughter, Jane. Augustine was then married to George’s mother, Mary Bell Washington, in 1731. George was the eldest of all the children.

Later at the age of eleven years old, George’s Father had died

The world knows very little about George Washington’s education, as most commonly, children of Virginia gentry were homeschooled by private tutors or in local private schools. Boys at the age of seven began their school education by taking lessons in reading, writing, and basic arithmetic. As they got older, they were taught both Latin and Greek, as well as commonly known subjects like geometry, bookkeeping, and surveying. Planters that were wealthy after sent their children to England to finish their schooling, as this was done to George’s two elder half brothers, Lawrence and Augustine.However the death of George’s father made schooling for him overseas nearly impossible for him. Although he may have attend a school near his home for the first few years. Later he moved to another school, this was either in Fredericksburg, Stafford County, or Westmoreland County. He was a star in mathematics and learnt about the first principles of surveying. But he was never taught Latin or Greek like many other students did, this left him with no knowledge of speaking a foreign language.

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