George Washington – The Man Who Would Not Be King

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There are many people who solely remember george washington as the one who began presidency in the united states or the man on money’s one-dollar. due to these minimal assumptions people do not care to research or even acknowledge his many different traits and personas. As a young man he was pretty insecure yet full of himself and feared that another man would conduct better qualities than his own. When he was in his earlier years he was given the privilege to acquire his own land but he did not receive his first assignment of battle until the age of twenty-two. Fort necessity marked the first major event in his military career but this battle carried a negative effect on the people and washington. he surrendered to his enemies at midnight and proved himself a burden to the people. For this battle introduced the french and indian war and many blamed him for this cause. But despite all the defeats and hardships that came with the insufferable seven years war george washington’s character and confidence was shaped and strengthened through his experiences and endless battles.
Even later when the american revolution came to place washington continued to prove his brilliance and leadership that was planted during his previous duels of war. For instance on christmas day he and his men snuck on enemy ground and gained victory over the british soldiers who grew too drunk to prepare for such surprise. Washington proved himself to many people as the true american revolution. Even with all the constant need for battle and struggle for victory washington did live outside of official duties. He was factually quite the bookworm. He would spend his free time educating himself and focusing his mind inside literature. he also enjoyed theater and even had a personal favorite out of the plays he contentedly observed.

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