George Washington On Money

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Look down at a dollar bill and you will see one of the most famous early American colonists, George Washington. George Washington is one of the most recognizable figures in American history due to his vast contributions to the country during the American Revolution and continuing after. He is an iconic figure in American history, today being represented in many myths and untrue statements. Although there are a lot of exaggerations and myths, he truly was a man of legend, leading and guiding those who came after him.

George Washington was born on his family’s plantation on February 22, 1732. The plantation was located in Westmoreland County in Virginia. When he was little he moved to Ferry Farm, a plantation is Fredericksburg, Virginia. Because of his family’s wealthy status, he received a good education as a teenager. This helped him later in life, giving him the tools necessary to be a good politician. When his older brother and father died, he gained the plantation, renamed Mount Vernon by his brother. Mount Vernon was a farm that grew many crops and had slaves. Washington was known to be pro slavery in his early years, also was known to be a harsh slave master. After his presidency, Washington had changed his mind about slavery but didn’t choose to take any political action, only choosing to free his slaves after his wife’s death. Mount Vernon became a place of refuge for George, a resting place where he could experiment with crops and spend time with his family, especially after the presidency.

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When he was only twenty years old, he was put in charge of the Virginia militia. He fought in the French and Indian war and then resigned and began to take a more political role in Virginia. While he was pursing his political career, he met and married his wife and continued to expand his plantation. With the outbreak of the American Revolution, he was made commander in chief of the American forces as they tried to fight against the British with little success.

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