George Washington Carver

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It all started on January 1 when George Washington Carver was born. He grew up on a small farm in Diamond Grove, Missouri. He also had a brother named Jim.

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He was born during the Civil War. His mother (Mary) and him were slaves. Knowing that he was born into slavery, he didn’t know the exact year he was born. People say that he was born in 1864 or 1865. They later said that they would mark it as 1864. Their slave owners were a couple named Mose and Susan Carver. His mother and him were stolen by slave raiders. Mose Carver went looking for them but sadly he only found George and Jim. George and Jim then became orphans. Susan and Mose couldn’t adopt them, because of the slavery. So they then, raised George and Jim as one of their own since they didn’t have any kids.

George was interested in reading the Bible and also studying about plants and animals. At this point in time there were no schools around that let black children join. George soon traveled around the midwest to go to school. He found a school 10 miles south of where he was living. This school excepted black children at their school. He graduated from high school in Minneapolis, Kansas. George went to college in Iowa State to study to draw. We know that he is a scientist but before he wanted to be a artist. He would draw a lot of plants. Etta Budd, his teacher, saw his talent for art and said that painting was in him. She realized that as a black man he would not make as much money as an artist. She saw how successful he was with plants and thought he would be more successful to be a botanist. His teacher later told him that he should combine his love for science, plants, and art to become a botanist. He agreed and decided to enroll to study for botanist. He was also the first African- American student in Iowa State. He worked up to earn his masters degree.

After going to college and getting a masters degree in Iowa Stare George decided to begin teaching as a professor. He was also the first African- American professor at the college. Booker Washington contacted George to tell him that he opened an all- black college in Tuskegee,

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