Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great

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Genghis Khan: Conquers Macedonia

There are two influential conquerors in this lifetime, Genghis Khan (1162-1227, r. 1206-27) and Alexander the Great (356 BC-323 BC, r. 336-323 BC) .

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However, Genghis Khan built his empire from dirt and dominated more land than anyone in history, which shows that Genghis Khan is the most reputable tyrant to date. Ways that Khan is superior to Alexander are; he started as Temujin, impoverished and practically a slave, self taught, conquered over 15 million square miles of land, time of reign was 21 years, had over 100,000 troops, and his empire subsequently lasted over 141 years after his death. Alexander spent most of his childhood preparing to inherit the throne when his time came. His Father King Philip ensured Alexander was prepared well by hiring the Great Philosopher Aristotle. Not long after Alexander found himself serving in the military, with a goal to expand Macedonia to a great empire. Genghis Khan on the other hand was raised in a different matter. Genghis Khan grew up living in poverty, he had no royalty family ties or any help learning how to rule an empire. When the death King Phillip crushed the hearts of the people of Macedonia, they put their fate into Alexander to continue his father’s legacy and make Macedonia. Genghis Khan created his empire from nothing while Alexander the Great was handed down the position.

Alexander the Great is known for being one of history’s greatest military leaders. During his time as King of Macedonia his army conquered land spreading from Greece to India, expanding the great empire on Macedonia. Alexanders life was planned to overtake the throne when it was his time Alexander’s father King Philip hired Aristotle to be Alexander’s teacher. Genghis Khan was born into poverty but rose his way up thru uniting Nomadic tribes to build his own empire. His great leadership was self-taught thru Genghis Khan himself, this is what gave him the title ?Supreme Khan’ or better known as King of Kings.

What Alexander learned from Aristotle showed in his later years as being king of Macedonia, It would appear that alexander received from him not only his doctrines of Morals and of Politics (Livius). Unfortunately, his father King Philip was assassinated right when Macedonia was at its strongest. Right before King Philip’s death, he was in the process of organizing his philanthropy to expand Macedonia. Alexander inherited a powerful kingdom, with an even more powerful military. King Phillip build his army around fierce warriors like his son alexander, and his empire was very stable and ready to expand. What King Phillip left behind for Alexander was his own legacy, and knowledge of expanding Macedonia, including a very powerful and fierce army. Alexander’s mother Olympias was born 375 BC,

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