Genetically Modified Organism: Benefits Humanity and Environment

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It might sound like a thing. But, it really is a process by which we create new hybrid varieties of plant to get desired genetic traits to make farming process more sustainable. we have been modifying organisms ever since dawn of agriculture for over ten thousand years.

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as we evolved our food has evolved. Mendel discovered genetic basis of inheritance. farmers started mixing two species through grafting. Genetic engineering is more modern term been out there for forty years now and we are using it in cheeses, medicines and crops. GMOs are the best efficient tool farmers have that helps protect and preserve water, land, air and to limit the climate change. also, it’s safe for human and animal consumption. Let’s explore some of the benefits of GMOs through the sources below;

This research paper shows data and statistic collected from us and around the world to explain GMOs are one tool that can improve crop yields by allowing fewer acres to produce the same amount of food. This can help save critical animal and plant, enhance biodiversity, ecosystem including forests, parks and pastures. Improved ecology through GMOs decreases insecticide use bt-crops are designed to allow important, beneficial bugs to thrive, including: bees, earthworms, butterflies, ladybugs etc. National Academies of sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.

This consensus study report from national academies of sciences, engineering and medicine reaffirms GMO are safe for human consumption. over nine hundred studies and publications were examined. More than twenty researchers, scientists and agriculture experts over a two-year period reviewed animal and human studies, allergenicity testing;

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