Genetic Modification: Pros and Cons

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Genetic modification is the process of forcing genes from one species into another entirely unrelated species. (“”GMO Defined,”” 2011). Most of these transgenic combinations do not occur naturally and they are made to create a certain trait within foods.

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GMOs affect a huge number of products that everyone consumes on a daily basis. This connects with another rising issue in America- which is poverty. Most of the processed foods are more affordable than the healthy, organic food. This is very effective when it comes to unhealthy diets. This kind of food is developed and marketed because farmers and agricultural companies are benefitting from it. The companies and Farmers are having to use less pesticides and they deliver higher crops (Deshpande). By higher crops, the food is bigger than the normal size and they last longer on the shelf. They are also able to withstand droughts and have been said to increase the richness and taste.

However, this does create rooms for a large amount of problems with the general public in the long run. According to The Non-GMO Project, GMOs safety is unknown. They have been linked to causing infertility, which is one of the most crucial problems that is caused men and women when it comes to reproducing. In 2008, the Austrian Health Ministers presented how the fertility rates have dropped. This will definitely put a strain on the future generations. It is said that woman have had less pregnancies and men have had a lower sperm count. This not only has occurred in humans, but in animals as well. Women has had more of a difficult time than men have had. They have higher risk of infertility, premature births, and lower birth rates.

It’s vital that we, the general public, are aware of GMOs. GM foods have been on the market only since 1994, and research on their long-term effects on humans is scarce. Most of the studies have been done on animals. As stated by Rachel Mount, a journalist with Oprah, some of those studies link GM foods to altered metabolism, inflammation, kidney and liver malfunction, and reduced fertility. In one experiment, multiple generations of hamsters were fed a diet of GM soy; by the third generation, they were losing the ability to produce offspring, producing about half as many babies as the non-GM soy group (Smith). This can change the human population in a very dramatic way. Consuming GMOs will cause a serious problem in our future generation. Our bodies are made to be a specific, detailed system made up of cells. When this system is disrupted, the body will try to change itself to get rid of that particular problem,

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